August 14, 2013

Review: Laura Mercier Crème Eye Liner

Laura Mercier is a pretty solid brand. Most of their products are great and well-loved by beauty connoisseurs. Personally, I am a huge fan of their Tightline Cake Eye Liner having been introduced to them via 2011's Luxe Color Portfolio. It's a product I constantly use on my clients due to its ease of use - I even bought one for myself.

When the brand released the Crème Eye Liner, I was eager to try it out because my MAC Blacktrack Fuildline had dried out and needed a replacement.

There are 6 colors in this line ranging from the bare basics (Noir and Espresso) to edgy yet wearable colors. All of these are beautiful and I chose Noir, Violet and Canard for myself. The only color I find confusing is Indigo. Shouldn't it be something in between blue and purple? Their version looks more like a combination of Canard and Cobalt.

Other than that one confusing color, everything else about this product is praise-worthy. It feels very creamy, easy to apply and when it dries, it is truly smudge-proof until the end of the day. The swatches below were swiped twice, each. As you can see, its quite pigmented. Perfect for the graphic liner look, yes?

When I run out of MAC Dipdown, I will consider getting Espresso. Maybe even Cobalt when I'm ready to sport a bright blue accent. That's how pleased I am with this Crème Eye Liner.

I would love to see them release a burgundy color. That would be so pretty!

Now tell me... which shade is calling out your name?


  1. I have Cobalt and Espresso and I love them. I want them all now though :D

  2. wow. love how pigmented these babies are. how much are they? :)


  3. Omg Cobalt <3 but I'm far from working the nerve to wear it haha :) My Maybelline gel liners have finally dried out and I was planning to get fluidline, but these look night!

    1. I like these better than Fluidline and they cost less (score!) - try Violet, I think that's more wearable. I also feel the same way about Cobalt. Hehe.


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