September 22, 2013

Review: Mary Kay TimeWise Plus Skincare Range

TimeWise Plus+ Regena-Firm or Repair Volu-Firm (depending on which region the product originated from), is an advanced anti-aging line from Mary Kay which is designed to bring back the skin's youthful appearance by lifting the skin and reducing the appearance of lines. There are four products that I tried in this line: the day and night treatments, serum and eye cream. I'd like to share with you my thoughts and experience after using these for over a month.

The Day Treatment contains sun protection in the form of SPF30/PA+++. It is "medium-weight" meaning the formula isn't too thick or runny and has a moderate perfume scent which dissipates after a while. I always tend to put too much product and have to blot the excess after I let my skin absorb what it needs first. I like how it provides moisture throughout the day and gets rid of the dry patches.

To complement the Day Treatment, Mary Kay has a Night Treatment which contains time-released retinol. This ingredient is encapsulated to make it stable and increase its efficacy in renewing skin cells and reducing the appearance of lines. It feels drier and gritty compared to the Day Treatment but whenever I wake up, my skin feels soft & full of moisture. Unlike the Day Treatment, the Night Treatment seems unscented.

Three weeks into using both  products, I noticed that the middle of my forehead improved in appearance - the fine lines were less noticeable, it looked smooth. The visible difference made me continue in using both products. I think they work well together! They both come in an air-tight pump dispenser which ensures that the products and its ingredients are well-protected from the elements. It's a bonus for those who like their skincare products kept clean and germ-free!

I was able to use the Regena-firm Intensive Serum last year, independent of the moisturizers. That's a good thing because it allowed me to test if it made a real difference. This serum contains plant-derived ingredients which are designed to provide a lift specifically in the chin area. In my case, my cheek area felt more firm and lifted throughout the time I used this product. I suppose it would have done the same thing to the other parts of my face, had I used it for a longer period of time. How much did I love it? I used up the entire bottle. It's something I would purchase again.

Lastly, we have the Eye Cream. Sorry about the picture above. I used it so many times that the Mary Kay logo rubbed off in the tube! Now, this product is supposed to improve the appearance of deep lines, target crepiness and dry skin, reduce puffiness, and improve dark circles. While it did provide all the moisture I needed and reduced puffiness, I also wish it did something about the deep lines and dark circles. After over three months of use, day and night, I expected more. Then again, finding the best eye treatment is difficult, in my experience.

Overall, this is a great line to use if you did not pay much attention to skin care in your younger years and want to make up for it now.

Have you tried any Mary Kay skincare products? How did that work for you?

*Press sample was provided for editorial consideration.

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