October 31, 2013

Review: Clean: Brush Shampoo


Ah, the task of cleaning makeup brushes... some love it because it falls under the category of "quiet time" and there are those who hate it because it makes their back ache. Whichever camp you belong to, we all know it's something we cannot, must not, skip lest we end up with acne or some other form of bacterial infection. 

I belong to the latter group, especially after working on a fashion show - I'm tired, my feet hurt, I still need to sanitize my makeup and wash all those brushes! In the past, I used the Beauty Blender Cleanser because it easily removed any product from my brushes. However, it took a long time to rinse.

I kept hearing people from various makeup artist circles sing praises about Clean. And I'm all for anything that makes washing brushes easier.

The process is simple:
1. Wet the brush or sponge well. 
2. Wet the tub of clean a bit.
3. Swoosh the brush or sponge around the tub.
4. Optional: if washing a bigger and dense brush, you may need to massage it a bit to get the shampoo into the bristles.
5. Rinse.

Although the process may be typical of other cleansers, the beauty of Clean is that is rinses off so easily. In fact, using this product has cut my brush cleaning time in half... on a good day, a third of my usual time.

I also noticed that my brushes seem softer (I no longer need to condition) and it dries faster. I can see myself bringing Clean to jobs that require me to stay the entire day - I can wash my smaller brushes during down time and have them dry by the time I need to pack up my kit.

Here's a demo on how to use Clean, courtesy of Sonia Roselli (Glossible.com) and Rachel Lisa. It also answers the question how many brushes a tub of Clean can wash.

Clean comes in two varieties - Olive Oil is great for conditioning and Goat's Milk works well to whiten brushes that have a lot of pigment stuck in them. To be honest, there's not much of a difference because even the Olive Oil washes pigments off so well and the Goat's Milk still keeps my brushes soft.

There are three regular scents as of now - Unscented, Lavender and Lemon. Limited edition scents such as Rose and Vanilla were also released in the past.

Do you need this in your life? Most definitely. You're most welcome :)


  1. Replies
    1. Check out Camera Ready Cosmetics - they ship internationally. :)

  2. I was using the cleansing solid puck thing that came with a Beauty Blender sponge set, but this brand is a little cheaper, at least on camerareadycosmetics.com, they have both...

    1. I like supporting indie brands & Clean is a great example of a product created by a makeup artist for makeup artists! It literally made washing brushes an enjoyable thing for me :)

  3. I love this stuff! I used the lemon olive oil one. I do want to try the others.

    1. *high five*

      I've been trying to get my hands on the Vanilla scent. Last time it was on the site, PayPal was all wonky & I couldn't get it. Hoping I score some at some point!


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