October 22, 2013

Review: Laura Mercier Spellbound Face Illuminator

One of the many things Laura Mercier does right would be Illuminators. Remember Rose Rendezvous from her Fall 2011 collection? That was so gorgeous. This year, she offers us Spellbound and I love it just as much.

The nice thing about her Illuminators is it can be used not just to highlight points where light hits, it also looks great as an eyeshadow. A tiny amount is all you need to get a lovely, balanced (non-glittery) glow. It enhances, never overpowers.

Spellbound is rose gold in shade. Below, I swatched it heavily so you can see what the true color looks like. For a sheer application, I lightly dip my powder or blush brush on the product and tap softly on the high points of my cheeks - I repeat this process when I want to build color.

Rose Rendezvous was deeper and more on the pink side compared to Spellbound. Between the two, I prefer Spellbound based on color alone. Otherwise, the quality is great and it stays on for 6-8 hours before any noticeable fading occurs.

If you want to see comparison swatches of the two Illuminators, please follow me on Instagram. I'll be posting it there this week!

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