October 2, 2013

Review: L'Occitane Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap - Milk

My dermatologist told me I should only be using shower/bath gel on my body since I have really dry skin everywhere. Everywhere! Bar soap tends to be harsh and strips my skin of moisture.

I tried, for many months, to follow her advice but the entire process of lathering a bath lily or sponge and rinsing afterward seems to take longer than I care. Although in reality I'm pretty sure it only lasts for a few seconds. Maybe I'm a bar soap kind of girl.

It was while reading an online article a few years back that I came across someone commenting on how the Extra Gentle Soap from L'Occitane did wonders for her skin.

I immediately picked up a bar and one year later, I still alternate between this and my bath gel. Its the only bar soap I use regularly because my skin never feels dry after use. And there's always an extra bar I keep in stock. As a bonus, it also helps heal body acne - which commonly occurs when I'm about to surf the crimson wave (Clueless reference, yo).

Milk is my preferred scent since it's so mild. You can also find the Lavender, Verbena and Cinnamon Orange variety. Maybe one day I'll try out Verbena since I am in love with the L'Occitane Verbena Bath Gel and Shampoo.

You might overlook this when you're out to buy your favorite L'Occitane product, but this is something should check out next time.


  1. I got sick of the prep time for using shower gels too, and went back to bar soaps. I was using Olay at first, but now I'm trying Dove. It melts so quickly lang, and I still feel it's not enough. Lotion is the way to go--nakakatamad! Haha :)

    As for bath lilys, I'm forbidden to use one by my derma kasi it can be harsh on skin, the exfoliation can trigger psoriasis. So I bought a cute cloth mitt at Daiso, though your average bimpo should also work well. I just hang it out to dry outside of the shower, too much moisture in the air :)

    1. Kari... I must check out Daiso soon! The bath mitts from Watson's look too harsh and I'm too paranoid to buy bath sponges because it looks like a germ factory waiting to hire.

    2. Hihi check it out na lang, it's oval shaped and I got the mitt type but there's a "bar" type that you just grab to use. There's a little embroidery that gives :3 faces and little ears, etc. :) cute stuff.

      I know what you mean about the sponges, you have to dry it out in the sun ata. Not the most practical things to use.


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