October 29, 2013

Review: Mary Kay @Play Baked Eye Trio


Baked eyeshadow is the way to go if you love intense, metallic colors. I'd like to share with you today the ones I got to try from Mary Kay.

Let me say right off the bat that these are the one of best baked eyeshadows out there. The color payoff is excellent whether applied dry or wet. You'll see that in the look I created toward the end of this post. Other similar products I've tried were unimpressive when applied dry... that's a big no-no for me because its my preferred method.

Tuxedo is a combination of silver frost white, gumetal grey and black. Ocean view, on the otherhand, includes the lightest silver, teal and blue.

Unfortunately, I had a miniscule amount of the black shade from Tuxedo left to swatch - one of our cats jumped on the table which caused the palette to shatter and there was hardly anything left from the black one. If there's one downside to this product, it's too delicate.

Thankfully, I was able to wear Tuxedo before that incident happened. Below, I used all three shades. The frosty white and gunmetal colors were applied dry. I chose to apply the black shade wet on my upper eyelid and dry on the lower. The day I wore this look, I met up with some friends who are also makeup artists. I had about three or four people ask what eyeshadow I was wearing because the colors are gorgeous.

Rewind to when I was in the process of applying this: I always expect fall-out when working with colors this dark and prepared for the mess that was about to happen. Imagine my shock when there was hardly any clean up. Very unusual for baked eyeshadow or dark colors in general.

Another thing going for the product is the price - it's very affordable. That's a big plus because the quality is excellent. Even better than some other high-end brands I've tried.

 I'll be reviewing the Jelly Lip Gloss from the marykayatplay line soon. Stay tuned! :)

*Press sample was provided for editorial consideration.


  1. Pretty palette and a lovely application.

    It looks fabulous on you!


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