December 28, 2013

Review: Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Initiation & Fatal


Ah... another set of my favorite among Chanel's products! 

We've seen a lot of burgundy pop up and its about time Chanel incorporated the trend into their Illusion D'Ombre line via Fatal. To complement this color, they also released Initiation which is bronze. Both metallic shades are perfect for the season, yes?


Illusion D'Ombre isn't consistent when it comes to texture and finish. Some product fall out (Mirifique), others tend to be flaky (Vision). The better ones are smooth which makes it easy to blend and apply evenly (Apparition). Fortunately for us , Initiation and Fatal belong to the last category.

What you need to keep in mind: application is key in pulling off any shade in this range. I found that these best apply either by using the brush included with this product and then smudging it with your finger or taking some with your ring finger and just dabbing it on top of your eyeshadow. Your method of application would depend on your preferred intensity. Either way, wear time for these are excellent as they last all day without smudging. Fading is only noticeable beyond 8 hours... even without a primer.


Below are swatches in comparison to other Illusion D'Ombre colors. From left to right: Convoitise, Vision, Initiation, Fatal, Ebloui, Illusoire.


The question is, are these worth picking up? I believe so. I've been reaching out for these most since November among all my holiday purchases. The colors are extremely wearable and I don't see either of them going out of fashion anytime soon since either will work as a great accent color to the Pantone Color of 2014.


  1. Fatal is totally one of my faves from the entire Illusion d'Ombre line!

    1. I agree! Chanel got everything right with these two.

  2. These shades are so stunning! I'd love to try both of them, colors are right up my alley!!


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