January 27, 2014

Beauty Diary: Hair Color (Mis)Adventure


It all started with having a chunk of my hair colored purple. I love how doing something unexpected and different made me feel. It was liberating.

Purple faded to pink then lilac. Next, I opted for blue streaks and that faded to lilac. Months pass and I had another chunk dyed bright purple and yellow... again, it faded to beautiful pastel hues. Check it out on instagram, if you're so inclined.

Eventually, I got tired of purple and wanted to try something different. I asked my sort-of-new colorist to give me charcoal colored locks... not just on one area, but my entire head. The picture above was how it looked as soon as I got home from the salon. I loved it!


To my horror, it washed away and became ash blonde. In less than two weeks. The reason I'm disappointed is I took extra steps in making sure it would last. I waited 4 days before I washed my hair - that's torture for me since I'm used to shampooing everyday. Then, I'd wash every other day with cold water, using the shampoo my colorist provided. Sulfate-free, yada yada.

I'm going to wait a few more weeks, just so my scalp can recover. In the meantime, I'm on a hunt for charcoal hair dye that I can DIY. Any recommendations?

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