February 28, 2014

Review: Edward Bess Back to Basics Palette


Today, I leave for my college friend's destination wedding. One thing I always bring with me when I travel is the Edward Bess Back to Basics Palette. I love that I don't need to overthink my beauty routine because this is a well-edited collection of neutrals. It's foolproof, really.

The palette is packaged in a simple, sturdy plastic case which is slim enough to slip into a purse or clutch.

Back to Basics consists of a lip and cheek stain, allover highlighter, four eyeshadows and two lip glosses. While I am not a fan of cream and powder products sharing the same package, I like this so much that I make it a point to clean the sides with an alcohol-soaked cotton bud to prevent the products from mixing.

The cheek and lip stain is a creamy, mauve color. My inital impression was that it was too dark to use as a blush but when blended out, it looks nice and natural - nothing over the top. I find that this is best applied with a stippling brush.

At the beginning, I hated the allover highlighter because I couldn't use it with a brush. I later realized that it works best using warm fingers. You need to understand that when you pick up the product, it feels rough and dry. But once you begin to apply it on the high points of your cheek, it goes on smoothly and you only need just a little. It goes well with the blush and gives off a beautiful glowy effect.

Two lip glosses included here are sheer and keep lips moist and comfortable for hours. If you want color, always pair it with a lipstick otherwise, you will end up with shiny but natural-colored lips.

There are four complimentary shades of eyeshadow. All have a satiny finish with the lightest one having a subtle shimmer. Using a fluffy brush to pick it up, its a tad powdery but it applies smoothly and blends well.

Note that all products have the signature Edward Bess fig scent.

I usually am not fond of brushes that come with palettes but the dual-ended brush included here is totally useable. The flat end I use for the cream products and the fluffy one for applying and blending eyeshadow. The quality is good and I sometimes find myself reaching out for this along with my everyday brushes.

The overall result that this palette provides is a clean, natural but well put-together look. The only thing you need is some concealer, powder and mascara.


  1. Edward Bess is one of my all time favorite brands. I don't have much from it but everything I do have I am in love with!

    1. Have you tried their lipsticks? Absolute perfection!

  2. Have not heard about this palette, love that it has everything all in one. I need to see where I can purchase this.


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