July 29, 2014

Review: Online Shoe Shopping with She Likes Shoes

What's going on?! Lily likes to inspect anything I get in the mail or bring home from the mall. She must give her seal of approval and I am too scared to displease her. Cat lady problems.
Okay... so this is what's really going on...

A friend of mine posted the cutest pair of boat shoes (it was lilac and white) on Instagram. I later found out she got it from a monthly shoe subscription service based in the Philippines. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I jumped at the opportunity and subscribed to She Likes Shoes.

Shoe shopping is a somewhat complex task for me because:

1. I love cute and stylish shoes BUT
2. I haven't been able to wear heels for an entire day since 6 years ago. In more youthful days, I could wear 5 inch heels to work then hit the mall for some shopping and still go out with friends after. These days, an hour in heels is pure torture. Even Aerosoles are painful, not to mention frumpy.
3. I like to try before I buy. And that's sort of basic when it comes to shoe shopping, no?

I was hesitant with my choices from She Likes Shoes but what the heck - it was so affordable and I really loved the two designs I picked.


I have a weakness for snakeskin heels. I remember having a red pair that I wore to death until it, well, died. I was immediately drawn to this pair of navy pumps called Urania.

Now knowing what to expect, I decided to use this on movie night as it involved minimal walking. There was a bit of adjustment because it was the first time I wore this pair, aside from the fact that I haven't worn heels in ages. Wanting to push the envelope, I wore it for 3 more consecutive days. And it is truly comfortable!

I like that the shoe is chic and versatile. I've been able to use it to dressy dinners and casual afternoons out.


I also got another pair called Calliope because I needed a pair of white sandals and these wedges were cute. Just what I was looking for.

The straps are sturdy but soft and also very comfortable. The soles were so soft! I've been using this a lot on weekends and when I need to run some personal errands.

It may not be a big deal for some but in my case, having elevated shoes that are comfortable mean a lot! I feel better dressed with it (I suppose its the added height) and more confident.


Here's how the service works: You select either a 6-month or annual subscription which costs Php499 (that's approximately less than $12) per month. This allows you to receive a shoe of your choice from the first tier. If you want to purchase a pair from the second or third tier, you must purchase additional steps which cost Php500 per step. Sounds complicated? It's not. You'll get the hang of it, I promise.

Each month there's a different selection of shoes to choose from. I got my shoes from their June closet but the photo above shows the one from July. Ophelia looks really nice... Hmmmm... ;)

What do you think? Does online shoe shopping work for you? This was my first time to do it and I'm happy it turned out to be such a good experience!


  1. I saw this when you linked it pero di ko siya nagets and I decided to rack up my brain cells first before trying again. Medyo kinulang ako nung araw na yun. :)) My question though is how is the sizing? What's their smallest and biggest?

    1. Hi Kari! It runs from size 5-9. Since I'm in between sizes, for Urania I got it half size bigger & used a cork. For Calliope, I went half a size smaller & it fits perfectly. You can make the changes in the account settings. :)


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