August 30, 2014

Review: Mary Kay True Dimensions Lipstick in Citrus Flirt & Sassy Fuchsia

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Mary Kay just added a few new colors to their True Dimensions Lipstick range. I've never tried this product before so I was more than happy to review. I was sent two shades - Sassy Fuchsia and Citrus Flirt. These are beautiful vivid colors perfect for daytime wear or when you just want something to instantly brighten your face.

The texture feels like a lipbalm-tint hybrid. Your lips will feel moisturized for as long as you have the product on. Because of its soft and slippery nature, the color tends to travel but only just a bit.

This lipstick can go from sheer to opaque with an ultra-glossy finish. I just dab it on for a sheer, natural lip but with two coats, I end up with a bright, solid finish. I noticed fading after 1-2 hours of wear. But even when the color fades, it still leaves a stain behind (more noticeable with Sassy Fuchsia). There is a slight sweet, candy-like scent that fades minutes upon application.

The packaging is unique. You have to press the clear top so that the tube pops outs - one of the most secure lipstick tubes I've had. It'll be safe to leave this in your handbag.

Two tips for better wear of this product:
  • Exfoliate your lips. Although this product is moisturizing, if you have flaky lips, it will be accentuated by this lipstick.
  • For the color to last longer, blot. I apply two coats then blot with a tissue paper. Repeat this step 1-2 more times. I find that by doing this, the color lasts longer.
Overall, I do like this lipstick. I've been reaching out for both colors for a week now & I think I'll be carrying this around with me quite often.

Left to right: Sassy Fuchsia, Citrus Flirt
Top: Sassy Fuchsia, Bottom: Citrus Flirt


  1. Sweet colors! I've never exfoliated my lips before. Do you have any tips for not doing it too harshly?

    1. I usually exfoliate my lips after I bathe at night so that my skin is still wet. I rub a little bit of sugar lip scrub (the ones from Lush are great!) using circular motions, light handedly. Then, I apply a lip conditioner. When I wake up, my lips feel soft & smooth.

  2. I like them both a lot! I wish there was a retail source for MK around here

    1. I think MK uses a direct selling model like Avon. Although I do with they had retail presence because its more convenient. Plus, I like to try before I buy. BUT so far, all the MK products I've used are pretty good.

  3. I'm obsessed with Mary Kay's True Dimensions Lipsticks! The quality is great, and I love the packaging. These colors are beautiful!

    1. I think I should check out their other colors. It is one of the best lip products I've tried this year!


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