August 27, 2014

Review: Reviva Labs Spider Vein & Rosacea Day Cream with Vitamin P

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People with rosacea often suffer from redness and spider veins. On a superficial level, those who have it, more often than not, feel self-conscious. But it can also be very painful when your skin flares-up - like a sunburn even if you haven't been under the sun at all.

This was something I experienced a few months ago, triggered by the stress of... life... heat and the harsh department store light (I worked as a guest makeup artist for a Japanese makeup brand during that particular weekend). On the last day of my stint, my face felt really hot and I couldn't wait for my shift to be over so I could remove all the makeup from my face. When I did, I looked like a tomato and my skin felt raw. It was during this time that I whipped out my tub of Spider Vein & Rosacea Day Cream from Reviva Labs.

I was able to use this last year to rid myself of some minor redness and it worked well. And with my worst flare-up to date, it was exactly what I needed. My skin recovered in about 4 days because I used this.

The texture is quite thick, which makes it a challenge to spread. I recommend using a facial oil and maybe a thick serum prior to applying this cream. Doing this just makes it much easier to massage it on the face. With a watery, gel-type or light cream serum, it doesn't seem to work as well. Once you've spread it on your face, it gets absorbed easily without any sticky feeling.

One thing that might be a bit off-putting is the scent - it reminds me somewhat of Elmer's Glue-All but, for me, that is forgivable as this cream is free of artificial fragrance.

Although the product name says Day Cream it is perfectly fine to use at night.

If you suffer from the same skin condition, then this product is a must-have. In case you cannot find this locally, perhaps ask a friend or relative who has access to this to get you a tub. Seriously, its something every rosacea sufferer should have.

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