September 12, 2014

Pet Parenting: Remembering Portia

I've been meaning to be more active on the blog but there are things more important that I need to focus on: work (my schedule has been more erratic than ever) and my senior cats. In our household, we have 4 senior cats and 7 adults/juveniles. 2 of  our seniors are seriously ill due to various reasons and require round the clock attention.

Last Monday, my Portia earned her angel wings. It was heartbreaking for our family as she was with us for 13 years.

I want to share her story with you.

My best friend, Tine, asked me one day if I wanted another cat. She said that the original owners no longer wanted Portia (who was then 1.5 in human years) because they believed that cats were bad for pregnant women. They put her in a little bird cage and gave her to my friend. Tine brought her to my house and I felt so bad that those idiots put her in such a small cage.

I wondered if there was any other reason they gave her up but I couldn't find any. She was perfect. Smart, gentle and extremely affectionate. She liked sleeping on top of my head at night. She always wanted someone to cuddle her. My mother adored her and even sang to her sometimes. All my friends who would come over instantly fell in love because of her friendly nature. When my husband would sit on the couch and watch tv, Portia would climb on his tummy and rest contentedly.

I will always remember fondly how she would get jealous of other cats. We make it a point to greet her first otherwise, she would sit around for hours with a grumpy expression on her face.

She was my princess.

I love all my cats equally but none of them are as sweet as Portia was.

All her life, she never got sick until 2 months ago. It started out as a stomach ulcer which was treated. Then she started getting sick again and we found out that she had bone spurs in her spine. It made her weak and it took her away from us.

I hope she's in a happier place and that she's forgotten about her previous owner completely. I want her to always remember how, for most of her life, she was loved by so many people.

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  1. Very beautiful Portia, she's so lucky to have a parent like you Ma'am! I also love pets.. specially dogs and cats and they are very close to My heart as well.
    xx Cloud
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