February 6, 2015

Pet Parenting: Remembering Robbie

One of the reasons for my temporary withdrawal from blogging was that I had two terminally ill senior cats who needed all the attention and care we could provide to make their remaining days comfortable. We wanted them to feel loved. I already wrote an entry about Portia. It's Robbie's turn now.

Unlike the others we rescued as kittens or adopted as young adults, Robbie joined our family already a senior living with chronic kidney disease. When he was rescued by a local animal welfare group, he was no longer moving because of severe dehydration, infection and weakness. They were able to nurse him back until he was "healthy" enough for adoption. Our veterinarian kindly but truthfully set our expectations - that the most we could do was make his remaining years comfortable by maintaining what he ate and giving him his medication.

Months after his 1 year anniversary at our home, his health took a turn for the worst. We had to take him to his doctor weekly. Many sleepless nights were spent making sure he had round-the-clock attention because of all the medication he needed. We even discovered that having him listen to meditation music helped on days when he needed subcutaneous fluids. He hated that... and his injections, but found the nebulizer relaxing. He understood everything we did was for his own good.

Robbie needed a forever home and I loved him as soon as I saw him. He was Lily's frenemy and Pepper's best friend.

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