August 5, 2015

Review: Etude House Dust Cut Facial Mist

Some time last year, Etude House released the Dust Cut line - entirely devoted to protecting skin from pollutants. Included are a cleanser, cream, sheet mask and facial mist. This is an interesting line for anyone who lives in a polluted city and whose skin has become sensitized.

I purchased the facial mist to try out since I go through these fairly quickly. The way this specific product works is you spray it after applying skincare or makeup (I do the latter) and its meant to protect the skin against harmful environmental particles. Upon application, you're supposed to feel the skin tighten which means a barrier has been formed.

I've only felt the tightening sensation a few times... and it's hardly noticeable. But I feel that it works because my face feels cleaner, it doesn't get greasy and my makeup stays on longer. It's not marketed as a setting spray but it works wonderfully as one. I've been reaching out for this whenever I need to spend the entire morning & afternoon away from home.

One thing that doesn't sit well is that it contains alcohol and it's second in the list. If you are sensitive to that ingredient, you should skip this mist. Another negative is the strong fragrance - it has this green tea/herbal/minty thing going and it's quite strong! I have to hold my breath and shut my eyes tight for a few seconds to avoid getting sneezy and teary-eyed.

Although this was nice to try out, I would not repurchase because of my allergic reaction to this product. If Etude House can do without the strong scent, I would reconsider.


  1. Sorry to hear this didn't work out for you. That's always a bummer! I love using makeup setting sprays/mists, but find that I don't use facial mists as much. Not sure why, I just think I always forget to use them after I take my makeup off at night. I like the concept of them, though! The only one I ever tried, and liked, for any length of time was the Evian facial mist. Have you ever tried that? I thoroughly enjoyed it -- both without makeup and with makeup on, as a mid-day pick-me-up. It's sold at Ulta. :-)

    Katie //

    1. Hi Katie! Yes, I use Evian but mostly on my clients during skin prep (pre-toner). I'm drawn to facial mists because of the scent and some hydrate with minimal disturbance to my makeup. :)


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